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Youth revolt is a limited-edition fashion brand inspired in the beauty and delicacy of vintage clothing with a modern twist. It was created in 2014 by the designer Carolina Somoza.

The brand philosophy is based on privileging quality rather than quantity, complementing timeless feminine forms with easy to use and high quality materials. YR achieves the perfect fusion between fashion and comfort, always having in mind to enhance the best characteristics of the female body, regardless of the size.


YR garments are reflected in a strong, independent and self-confident woman who uses them with grace and comfort.

Carolina is the key eye of the essence and aesthetic of Youth Revolt, with her tastes for photography, the romantic storys and passion for classic cuts, The designer is very meticulous with the seams, materials and designs that are chosen.

YR only sells in specific boutiques, making customers feel like they are getting something unique and made especially for them. Each piece is made nationally and each detail of the collections are carefully thought out and chosen by hand.


Youth Revolt style transcends seasons.


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